BRC National Show Jumping Championships, Lincoln 31 August 2019

The weather was not our friend at the BRC National Show Jumping Championships at Lincoln. πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨
The 80cm team of Andrea Pawson whose lovely horse Donna Wind Gold really did not find the love for jumping on grass after a bad experience at Frickley Horse Trials, but Andrea being the great team member she is worked really hard and got him round as our path finder and for the second round he was far more confident. Cath Lawton jumped two lovely rounds for an unlucky four faults. Hannah Cutler riding Julia Hardy's lovely young horse had a beautiful round, just showing one green moment. Kelly Fox again on a young mare jumped really well for an unlucky pole in both rounds.
The Style Team with just three riders being able to come forward, two in the 85cm section, Katie Wright after a slight hiccup in the warm up put up a good show in a tight arena for a big, forward hose, Sharon Stones also put in a cracking performance and as Katie did, found the arena rather tight. Sally Gourley, a new EMDG member, also gave an excellent account of herself in the 75cm style.
Julia Hardy, our sole representative in the 1m class, had a rather painful experience as on a rather cheeky horse, made worse by the weather, as she passed the judges box, they pressed the buzzer, spooking her horse, which resulted in Julia and horse parting company. It was agreed back at the horsebox that Julia should go and get herself checked out, so Hannah withdrew from her class and took Julia and the horses back and we all wish Julia all the best.
The 110 team of Mark Cavell on Keely Durham's Dandy Man jumped really well but pulled a shoe, resulting in a pole for four faults. Unfortunately Mark's luck did not improve as in the second round the wind πŸ’¨ took out a lower ladder on the parallel, as Mark and Dandy Man were committed and it just made it an impossible jump, resulting in a bit of a heap, but clever riding kept things going and he finished the round but with some time faults. Ellie Clarke jumped two faultless rounds, going then into the third, a fast clear in the jump off, attaining a fantastic second place overallπŸŽ–. Brilliant well done Ellie and Adagio. Anna Griffith jumped a lovely clear first round and had a couple of unlucky poles in the second round. Sara Lees rode two great rounds, just having a pole in each. The team finished a very good seventh.
Well done everyone, you all gave it your everything and as always did East Midlands Dressage Group proud.
I would also like to thank πŸ‘ Merv and Lesley who always give so much support to everyone at both Area and Championships, your help was much appreciate at Lincoln, as try as I did, I could not be there to support each rider, but with the help of Merv and Lesley, we all managed fairly well.

We might not have brought home loads of silverware this time, but a fantastic day with so many lovely people. Thank you all. Jan Pollard. 

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