Area 16 Arena Eventing qualifiers 17 October 2020

Well, what a day, 38 members competing for the club at Speetley Equestrian Arena Eventing Area 16 qualifier.  Teams through all the heights from 70 to 100. Huge well done to one and all, it has been a brilliant day, meeting up, chatting, congratulating, commiserating and listening to "what happened at fence 5", "nearly lost my way after fence 9", "had to trot, I couldn't breathe", "I love my horse", "sorry for my language at the joker fence", "It was my fault", "It was my horses fault" and so it goes on. At the end of the day, we are a great Club with an amazing bunch of members. Team winners for the Championships in the 80, 90 and 100 and a close 2nd for the 70's. Numerous individual placings for which I have the rosettes. Attached is the run down of results for our members, penalties include the fence and time faults. Many thanks from all your committee at EMDG for making our club the success it is. Cath 


Team Osberton 5th Team placing

Pip Butler Hughes E

Claire Caudwell 8.8

Sally Beedham 57.2

Janet Norton 55.20 Team total 3 to count 121.2

Team Thoresby 2nd Team placing

Jane Fox 12.00

Lauren Pearson 26.8

Liz Tate 130.8

Caroline Howard 7.20 Team total 3 to count 46.00

Individual placings

2nd Sally Beedham (Molly) 0.4


Team Rufford 1st Team placing Qualified for Championships

Sara Bailey 8.8

Andrea Pawson 38.00

Sharon Stones 0

Mike Stones 9.2 Team total 3 to count 18.00

Team Hodsock 3rd Team placing

Rick Simmonite 27.2

Debs Renwick 34.8

Becky Sissons 2.0

Liza Mottershaw 10.8 Team total 3 to count 40.00

Team Grove

Bridie Prescott E

Alison Bergomi 18.4

Clare Heppenstall E

Annabel Brownfoot 47.6

Individual placings

1st Sharon Stones 0

5th Becky Sissons 2.00


Team Bilby 1st Team placing Qualified for Championships

Di Gregory 5.6

Lucy Nickson 5.6

Becky 1stMullen Feroze 0

Emma Thorpe 16.00 Team total 3 to count 11.2

Team Clumber 2nd Team placing

Emma Marsden 35.6

Charlotte Noad 4.4

Lisa Hatfield 5.6

Jo Rusby 18.8 Team total 3 to count 28.8

Team Hardwick

Martyn Bates E

Jo Bates 25.2

Lydia Balls 12.2 Team unable to produce 3 scores

Individual placings

1st Becky Mullen Feroze 0

4th Charlotte Noad 4.4

5th Lisa Hatfield 5.6

6th Lucy Nickson 5.6

Kate Wright IND 11.6


Team Thoresberton 1st Team placing Qualified for Championships

Anna Griffen 5.6

Sara Lees 0

Nikki Thackery 20.4

Tracey Brown 14.0 Team total 3 to count 19.6

Individual placings

2nd Sara Lees 0

4th Anna Griffen 5.6

6th Tracey Brown 14.0

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