Arena Eventing Area 16 Qualifier 01 Dec 2019

"What a day, cold, sunny and some skidding vehicles on the way to the venue, but all in all a fantastic day.

Our helpers were amazing, huge thanks go to all who gave their time freely, so we as a Club could compete. John and Cheryl ensured that the event was a class competition and everyone was fed and watered all day.

All height classes contended were won, which is a fantastic result, plus one Individual rider in the 70. Our members are such a cracking bunch and each and everyone of you were brilliant. Thank you from the EMDG, great club, great members and great helpers.

Looking forward now to the Champs, which is to be held at Aston Le Walls on 13th to 15th March 2020. Further details will be posted very shortly. Many thanks
AE manager.

EMDG FLYERS 70 Senior Team 1st CHAMPS
Alex Hill Hiawatha
Andrea Pawson Made U Look Twice
Sally Gourley Peggy Sue
Gav Scott Trouble

EMDG FALCONS 70 Senior Team 4th
Rick Simmonite Cregguan Silver
Sally Beedham Betsy Trotwood
Bridie Prescott Libby
Shelly Finlan Wilfholmes Daily Express

70 Senior Individual
Rick Simmonite Cregguan Silver 1st CHAMPS
Andrea Pawson Made U Look Twice 4th
Gav Scott Trouble 5th

Sarah Lees Jimmy Choo
Becky Bettinson Legacy
Alex Hill Ardbear Ray
Sally Beedham Copperhall Molly

80 Senior Individual
Sally Beedham Copperhall Molly 1st
Alex Hill Ardbear Ray 5th
Sarah Lees Jimmy Choo 6th

EMDG EAGLES 90 Senior Team 1st CHAMPS
Sarah Lees Baldhur Romeo
Lucy Nickson Numptiana
Eve Manchon Primitive Pre Nup
Debbie Dronfield Alfie That's Me

EMDG HAWKS 90 Senior Team 3rd
Emma Thorpe Treliver Dashely
Nikki Thackery Ghaicorrie
Becky Sisson Magua
Steph Hitchins Starwood Autograph

90 Senior Individual
Debbie Dronfield Alfie That's Me 2nd
Steph Hitchins Starwood Autograph 3rd
Lucy Nickson Numptiana 5th

EMDG OWLS 100 Senior Team 1st CHAMPS
Alison Garner Beyond Belief
Claire McCann Cloverdor
Sarah Lees Circus Denzil
Anna Griffin Indiana Jane Z

100 Senior Individual
Anna Griffin Indiana Jane Z 1st

Sarah Lees Circus Denzil 5th 

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