BRC rules changes July 2019

** Important BRC Rule Changes **

Format for Show Jumping
BRC has received feedback over the last couple of years regarding Show Jumping and the restrictions of only competing at one height. Following this, from the start of the winter season 2019 there will be some changes to the format. The Show Jumping format will be shortened, which will allow competitors to enter qualifiers at more than one height provided they are consecutive heights (excluding 70cm) and they are eligible. We hope this will help with falling numbers in some areas, but not overburden the busier areas with even longer days. The 70cm class in the summer season will be exempt from this to protect those riders who are not ready to be jumping at the higher height.

For example a horse will now be permitted to compete at 80cm and 90cm, 90cm and 100cm or 100cm and 110cm provided they are eligible for the classes. The format will consist of two rounds where riders will jump the first round and then a separate second round. The second round will be run as a single phase competition, which will combine the second round and a jump-off. The jump-off section will be both the team and individual format. The Championship format will not change. For full details on these changes please go to the BRC Handbook section of the website:…/british-riding-clubs/brc-handbook

Challenge and Horse Trials
Due to falling numbers in the Junior 100 competitions this class will be amalgamated with the Senior 100 competitions. For qualifiers from 1 Sept 2019, they will be
renamed as Challenge 100 and HT 100, which will be mixed classes open to senior and junior teams and individuals, teams may be any combination of seniors and/or juniors.

From 1 Sept 2019 the speed for the Challenge Show Jumping will increase to 350 mpm and competitors when entering the arena will only have 20 seconds from when the bell rings to go through the start.

Combined Training
There will be different tests for each team member so there will be two different prelim tests and two different novice tests. There will also be two new individual sections which will be a novice test, which feeds into the 75cm Show Jumping and a prelim test which feeds into the 85cm Show Jumping.

Competitors may also now enter the combined training as part of a team and also enter once as an individual or twice as an individual only providing the dressage test
is different. The Show Jumping height may be either 75cm or 85cm, so a competitor could jump the same height twice.

Tests will be as follows:
BE90 Dressage 91 (2009) – 75cm
BE90 Dressage 95 (2012) – 75cm
BE100 Dressage 106 (2012) – 75cm (individuals only)
BE 100 Dressage 101 (2009) – 85cm
BE 100 Dressage 102 (2010) – 85cm
BE90 Dressage 96 (2016) – 85cm (individuals only)

At the Championships the two individual sections will also be counted towards the Overall Individual.

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